2023 Strains - Delta 8 THC 

These contain more THC than any of our previous strains and we are able to provide them at lower prices! Pricing starts at $8/g (Instead of $10!) 

2023 Strains - Hemp

These were lovingly grown with more CBD than previous strains! Higher quality and a lower price starting at $6/g (was $7!)

CBG Flower

Pricing starts at $6/g.

Packs of CBD and D8 PreRolls ranging from $10-$25
Single 1g CBD PreRolls - $9.99
1.25g D8 PreRolls - $9.99
2g D8 PreRolls - $11.99
Caviar D8 PreRolls - $14.99
2g HHC PreRolls - $11.99